Heys Luggage Sets

Heys Luggage Sets

Heys Luggage Sets

Hey fellow Nomads!  I hope your travels have been enjoyable and memorable!  The other day when I was at baggage claim, I noticed some people talking about a cool set of vintage looking luggage.  Guess, what?  It was a set of the Heys Vintage Traveler luggage as seen above.   A nice, classy vintage look.

They are unique, beautiful and durable and can be perused at your leisure in the Heys Luggage Sales Store.  These Heys luggage sets are made of hard body polycarbonate material to protect against all the abuse they take while being loaded/unloaded at the airport. I liken it to the paint cans getting mixed at your local hardware store.  It’s hard to imagine how my old Samsonite bags lasted as long as they did, because they are certainly not of the same build quality.

Another nice feature are the telescoping handles which are easily maneuverable in conjunction with the spinning wheels.  They are extremely light weight (Seriously, it’s shocking!) enough for children and seniors and have a nice glossy finish that really makes them stand out when on the baggage claim carousel.

Choose from many designs, some of which are made by renown artists (i.e. Fernando Volken Togni) that were commissioned by Heys to give a unique sense of style for the particular consumer.  You can pick up the Vintage Traveler set, the “Journey Map” set, the Polka Dot set, the Exotic Python skin set and many others.

These luggage sets have 5-year limited warranties and very good reviews, which is very impressive if you are a road warrior or live in a sky home for most of your days.  At the end of the day, I hope you find them not only as interesting as I do, but appreciate the cool factor.  Its fun to pull the bags away at the airport with onlookers trying to figure out the brand.  Just click on an image and check out the wide variety order one today.

Until next time, Travel On!

Sir Captain Wanderlust