Heys Romero Britto Luggage

Heys Romero Britto Luggage

Romero Britto Luggage is Wicked Awesome!

Hello again my fellow vagabonds!  For you seriously funky art lovers out there, this is the Heys Romero Britto Luggage.  What can I say that the picture itself doesn’t describe.  It looks like the Art Deco police called and wanted to know where we stole the 50’s lugage set.  I digress… but a very fair assessment.

Romero Britto is a famous Brazilian artist know for his street art, pop art and graffiti art.   He has done work for several Fortune 500 companies throughout the world and also has his main art studio located on South Beach in Miami, Florida.  These luggage pieces have the Romero Britto signature bold and vibrant colors and are sure to catch the eye of other fine art aficionados from novice to professional.

In fact, I was travelling through Dulles and spotted someone lugging the carry-on and had to ask them just why they picked it up.  Quite simply, the response was, “I will never lose my bag now and look at it, it’s freaking cool man!”  Your art collection can begin at the Heys Luggage Sales Store.

Build quality is second to none, because these luggage pieces have a hard body design made from tough and durable polycarbonate materials, similar to bullet proof vest material.  They are easily maneuverable with “smart wheel” technology.  They include telescoping aluminum handles, beautiful, functional lined interiors and are light weight.  Most come with combination locks and a 7 year warranty.

Click on the images above showing the Britto Heart Carnival Spinner, the Britto Butterfly or the Britto A New Day to check out the details of these sets and to look at other available sets, as well.

Why not love the luggage you travel with? Grab a set of Heys Romero Britto luggage today and add to your art collection or start a new one.


                                   Until next time, safe travels!

                                   Sir Captain Wanderlust